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  • Mental agility, fluid movement and tactical execution are central to your team’s success in this experience – just as in business.



  • The Art of War - Xiang Qi is the ideal intervention to get the team thinking like a general on the battlefield of life.
  • The battle is won in the mind of the opponent!


We take teams back to world and time of Sun Tzu...

Try to imagine approximately 600 000 troops preparing for armed combat; this was the total number of troops at the battle of "Li Che", where Sun Tzu first emerged as a military strategist.

The military commanders of this period had to master all their supply lines, enemy movements, tactics and weapons as well as deal with the natural conditions that could not be changed.

Mastering these elements dictated whether they would win or lose.

Both strategy and tactical plans were completely thought out, studied and pondered before action was taken. From the generals downward a clear focus emerged - "Know yourself and know your enemy and you shan't be defeated, even in 100 battles. Know only yourself and not your enemy and for every victory you will face defeat. Know neither yourself nor your enemy and in every battle you will succumb..."

Though combat was always the last option, every leader, general and soldier prepared for battle. These took place with swords, spears, horse-drawn chariots, shields, banners and flags. Heavy equipment needed to be carried assembled / disassembled each time the army moved position.

Soldiers were inspired as much by the focus of their leaders as they were by their personal determination - a perseverance born of the need to survive!

We have built a full-blown military scenario based on the principles taught by Sun Tzu. Teams emulate each of their competitors and dissect their strategies, increase their awareness of their assets and capabilities and compete using the principles of the Art of War.

This process combined with an amazing array of war games using quad bikes, archery, paintball and clay pigeon challenges provides for an extremely potent learning experience that makes it easy to learn the principles and then apply them to everyday work and market interaction.

If our team fails to meet targets, we come under pressure. Managers should be masters at motivating teams, providing support and ensuring that their teams are well trained and resourced.


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