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  • Does your team have the talent to complete this task on time? Only time will tell.
  • Are you up for the challenge?



  • Talent Maximiser demands different levels of physical and mental input to overcome a range of challenges against the clock.
  • Each challenge is valued differently and the success or failure ratio of the team is dependent on leadership, teamwork, collaboration, speed, quality, engagement and attitude.


The big question on everyone’s mind is whether the teams have the talent to complete the tasks within the set time limit, and whether they have the ability to prioritise the senior, high-value activities over and above the junior, apparently more urgent tasks.

Talent Maximiser tests insight, focus, creativity, and the ability to engage with clients. Talent Maximiser requires personal control, certainty, planning, creativity, and the ability to see the bigger picture. Teams will come to see what they actually do every day in the workplace, they will learn what makes them successful and what the underlying reasons for this are.

The learning method is experiential, and the success of the event depends upon how well the team works together and utilises each other's skills.

Talent Maximiser is followed by a feedback session during which the team has an opportunity to assess how well they did, and are also challenged to take their realisations back to implement into the workplace.

We have several versions of this process for groups of all fitness levels. We are able to run this indoors and outdoors. It is an extremely effective ice-breaker as well as a potent after lunch activator which raises the group's morale and gives them real tools with which to dramatically improve their productivity in the future.

It is very cost-effective and can be run just about anywhere, for any group size.

Delegates walk away from the exercise enriched, aware of why they perform the way that they do and equipped with new tools and techniques to build a more efficient workplace together.


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