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  • Spoil your team with an evening of stimulating indulgence in the hottest, trendiest and most bizarre locations.



  • Imagine you are all dressed for an amazing evening.
  • Your chauffeur opens the door and you slide onto those long leather limo seats, and open a bottle of bubbly.
  • You flip open the monitor and meet Lady X, your personal assistant for the evening.
  • She has arranged a series of stops that will show you what your city has to offer in the way of high impact entertainment.


But it is not all about being entertained, you will have something you each need to do in order to make the evening sizzle. During the evening the team will have the opportunity to make a series of celebrity appearances at key restaurants, at radio stations, in some of the most famous shebeens and party at the very best clubs and venues. They may even score tickets for some of the most quintessential concerts of the year.

Top end fun for bored executives. Stimulating adventure and interaction between new employees. A fun and innovative way to break down barriers and create new networks and bonds between key people in different parts of the business. A great way to bridge cross-cultural gaps and boost understanding and co-operation between people. An incentive, a fantasy come true, a memory of a life time.

An interesting feature about this experience is that it is run from an undisclosed location. The facilitator is in the control room, and whilst we have key marshals and point men in place to ensure timing, safety and quality of experience... the team never meet the facilitator face to face... but every move is calculated and engineered right down to the telephone ringing inside the office of the local theatre, radio station or garage at 11:12pm... 47 minutes and counting!


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