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  • If it is truly important to you that your people have a common understanding of where you are going, then 7TH Edition is a must!



  • This powerful communication mechanism produces tangible commitment under dynamic pressure and against deadlines.
  • Initiative, passion and focus are just some of the essential ingredients that this turning point event brings into the mix.


The team produces a real newspaper which the broader organisation can read and measure them against. They get behind the process, take up the challenge and drive the change. They become actively focused to make the future intent a reality. Morale rockets as the team's race to see who will make it to the printing press first? The adrenalin rush is almost unbelievable. They energise each other, getting their copy proofread, getting their advertising in place, not forgetting their "Dear Abby" column before shooting off to get the latest scoop at a press conference or panel interview.

This is storytelling on steroids. A "must do" turning point for any team. The team will be given the opportunity to create their own newspaper, however, instead of reporting on the past they will be challenged to report on the future. This forms part of the change management process and allows team's to manage their future from the present. Here is an opportunity to express yourself in the press with complete freedom. Energised fun, the freedom to create, express and engage with one another to manage your own future. An opportunity to express yourself in the press with complete freedom. Delegates will experience what it is like to operate in the world of print media, complete with editors, reporters, layout artists and photographers. Everyone works together as a team to produce a quality tabloid. team's will express their points of view by submitting newspaper articles, advertisements, and letters to the editor. Interviews may have to be conducted to get the story "straight from the horse's mouth".

7TH Edition capitalises on this factor, but turns the negative sensation into a positive solution rush where team's and leaders learn to manage the future from the present, and jointly co-create their ideal scene. This product turns the boring "death by PowerPoint" conference into an interactive experience which raises understanding and connects emotionally. The messages normally conveyed by a speaker presenting from the rostrum are absorbed nearly 4 times more effectively using this process. 7TH Edition also serves as a very powerful survey tool as it allows you to read, see and experience what your people really are thinking, feeling and understanding. The end result is newspapers containing newsworthy articles depicting how team's interpret what they are reporting on. Features and articles could include actual occurrences in your organisation, the company’s vision, how to resolve issues in the workplace. It's potent, book it today!


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